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  Our ‘rugged’ Upwind Turbine range is based on 8 years of real-life testing and development.

Using our unique Permanent Magnet Generators, combined with our Hi-Spec Wind Turbine Blade Sets, these furling turbines create very useful power in low wind conditions, and over 1000W in winds of 12.5m/s.

Available in 12V, 24V & 48V DC versions, they are suitable for battery charging, water/air heating and Grid-Tie installations.

We don’t recommend, nor will we authorise the installation of any of our turbines in ‘building-mounted’ installations, other than for steel-framed and other industrial buildings. These turbines are tower-top ready (turbine sleeve has a 50mm diameter hole to accept 48.3mm standard scaffold pole).

For a complete guide to towers, system designs and grid-tied inverters, see this Turbine Guide

Your turbine will be supplied in 2 shipping containers, weighing a total of 27Kgs, and you will be required to attach the tailfin and blades to the main turbine housing. All instructions will be supplied to guide you through the simple assembly, and you should be ready to mount and use your turbine in only a few hours. For battery charging applications we suggest that you use a suitable charge controller to prevent your batteries from becoming overcharged.

• Mechanically furling tail fin for high wind protection
• Unique high-spec Permanent Magnet Generator
• 5 top-grade glass filled nylon turbine blades
• Sealed bearings in mast-mounting shaft
• 60 Amp rated slip-ring prevents cable-twisting
• Aerodynamic profile design
• Patented anti-vibration locking washers
• Rugged and simple, with a minimum of parts and simplicity of design
• Zinc-plated and Stainless Steel with powder-coated and anodised aluminium (with our new non-corrosive marine protective coating) for optimal weather resistance
• Manufactured in the UK
• Nominal Power Output - 1000W (600W / 12v Version)
• Start-Up Wind Speed - 2.5m/s
• Cut-In Wind Speed - 3.2m/s
• Rated Wind Speed - 12.5m/s
• Survival Wind Speed - 50m/s
• Rotor Diameter - 1.8m
• Number of Blades - 5
• Generator Type - 3-Phase Perm Magnet
(this is rectified to DC inside the turbine, giving a 2-wire DC output)
• Weight - 22Kgs
• Suitable Tower Diameter - 50mm
• Noise: LAeq 35dB @ 5m/s @ 5m behind rotor
• Noise: LAeq 54dB @ 7m/s @ 5m behind rotor
• ROHS compliant

• Turbine Guide Brochure

Airforce1 Turbine to Scale Drawing

• FE1012U 12V Turbine Spec + Power Curve

• FE1024U 24V Turbine Spec + Power Curve

• FE1048U 48V Turbine Spec + Power Curve

1kw Turbine Diagnostics

12v Battery System Diagram

24v Battery System Diagram

48v Battery System Diagram

48v Water Heating System

Grid Tied (Windmaster) System - 1 unit

Grid Tied (Windmaster) System - 2 units

• Warranty

• Maintenance Schedule


FE1012U 12V Turbine (600w)
£995 inc VAT (£829.17 Ex VAT)

  FE1024U 24V Turbine (1000w)
£995 inc VAT (£829.17 Ex VAT)

  FE1048U 48V Turbine (1000w)
£995 inc VAT (£829.17 Ex VAT)
  Trade Prices upon application  
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